Registration and Directions for Using UW-Stout Rideshare 

  • Click on ‘Register as a new user’ 
  • Enter your UW-Stout email address and create a new personal (non-UW-Stout) password
  • Enter your address information including: home address, carpool origin address (if different from home address), and destination address
  • The system will confirm your origin and destination on a map. The system may correct an incorrect zip code (note that some work zip codes correspond to a central mailing system rather than the actual address of the building so the system will ‘correct’ your entry to correspond to the actual physical address of the location you entered).
  • If the system doesn’t recognize the address, you will be able to select your location on a clickable map. Drag your cursor across the screen to move the map or zoom in/out with the “+” or “-“ buttons.
  • Define your travel schedule.
  • Select ‘Search for matches”
  • The system will return a list of potential carpool partners, based on your defined search criteria. You may modify or change any of this data to better narrow down your search.
  • To contact a person from your matchlist, select “email this person”. The email is sent from you to the contact directly from RideShark. The contact is then able to reply directly to you. This is the methodology that systems such as EBay use to communicate between a buyer and a seller. 
  • Indicate if you are looking for a carpool partner or walking, biking or transit buddy.

Logging In

  • Login with your User ID and your (non-UW-Stout) personal password
  • Start searching
  • Contact people from your matchlist

      Directions for Use

  1. Click on "Find Ride Matches" and potential carpool members will be identified.
  2. Potential Commuters
    1. Choose the person(s) who best match your commute.
    2. Your identity is protected until YOU make contact with a potential match.
    3. Filter potential partners based upon your own criteria, hover over icons to get more information.
  3. Email Matching User
    1. Use the system to generate an email to your identified potential carpool match.
    2. Don’t be surprised if you register today and don’t find a match. The system is new and will take time to build the database.