Safety & UW-Stout Rideshare  

  1. When you meet new people or share transportation, always use common sense, and always protect your personal safety. You alone are responsible for your safety.

  2. Before agreeing to travel together, arrange to meet your prospective rideshare partner in person in a well-lighted, populated, public place to discuss schedules, driving safety, insurance coverage, and other items on the carpool discussion checklist. Feel free to bring a friend for support. If you are uncomfortable for any reason, then simply decline the offer to rideshare. Always tell at least one other person about your plans and where and when you're meeting your potential travel mate.

  3. Confirm your prospective partner's phone number by calling it. Check the phone number online. Record your travel partner's driver's license or other photo ID information when you first meet them; ask for three personal references, and call them.

  4. Follow your instincts: if you do not feel safe with the person, do not travel with him or her. Trust your initial feelings and do not travel with someone you do not trust.

  5. Establish a chain of communication and a backup carpool plan. Exchange emergency contact numbers before traveling, and exchange any important medical information. Ensure everyone has a copy of home, work or cell phone numbers and agree in advance what will happen in the event of illness or mechanical problems – it is best to expect the unexpected.

  6. If you are the passenger, record the make/model of the car you will ride in, the driver’s license information and the license plate number. If you are a driver record the passenger’s personal information. Take a few pictures of your carpool partners and their cars. Give these details to a family member or friend and let them know when you will be carpooling.

  7. Keep a charged cell phone with you at all times.

  8. Drive safely. Speeding, taking chances or just plain negligence should never be tolerated.

  9. Do not ride with alcohol drugs, firearms or any other items that may cause you harm or violate the law.

  10. Do not carry or expose large amounts of cash.

  11. Buckle up.